How to Convert Hourly Wage to Annual Income

How to Convert Hourly Wage to Annual Income

How do you do this on the fly? Some one is making you an offer of $13/ hour. But short of getting out a calculator, use this trick to convert it to annual income.

$13 an hour, multiply by 2 =26,

and add the thousands.$26,000

So $13/hour (40 hours a week) =approx $26,000 a year for a 5o week year, not including 2 weeks vacation, because not all places offer the same amount of vacation time.

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Redacted vs Retracted

Redacted vs Retracted

Redacted: To edit, to obscure sensitive information from a document before making it public or publishing. Picture a legal document with the names, dates or other sensitive blacked out. That information was redacted before the document was made public.

Retracted: To take back. Facts published in error retracted by the newspaper, or to take back what one has said.  Seems implausible, can anything really be taken back?

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Primary Colors—Red, Blue, Yellow—not always

Primary Colors—Red, Blue, Yellow—not always.

When we were kids in school, we were taught that the primary colors were Red, Blue, Yellow–from which all other colors could be made (save white and black which are abstracts).

Well yes and no. If you’re a kid, a painter or a traditional artist you may hold to the red blue and yellow–subtractive color model (light waves are absorbed by other colors).

But if you’re part of the digital world the primary colors are Red, Green, Blue. These colors are  based on the additive color model where light waves add to each other creating new ones.These three colors make up all digital images on televisions, computer, etc.

If you are part of the pre-press world, that is in the printing industry, your primary colors are Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. These are the four colors used in printing that make all other colors. Ever see the color bar code on printed packaging? That’s what that’s for.


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When an A grade isn’t necessarily better than C or D?

When is an A grade not necessarily better than a C or D?

When you’re taking about maple syrup, Grade A doesn’t mean it’s better.

A is the lightest in color and flavor, B is stronger, with C and D  being  darker and much more flavorful.

Another way to remember is:

A -for “atop” of foods like ice cream, waffles etc.

B -for baked goods where you way want a stronger maple flavor.

C- for commercial food production. You hardly see it in the retail stores.

D -think darkest, mostly used to add maple flavor to meats.

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Think it’s hot today?

Think it’s hot today?
Hottest temperature on record in North America.
134 °F    Death Valley, California, USA     July 10, 1913

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Affect, Infect, Effect

Infect, Affect, Effect

Affect: To act or impress upon. This is a verb.
Example:  How does the rainy weather affect your mood?

Infect: Affects the condition or situation.
Example: Affected with a disease or an infectious giggle.

Effect: The cause or result of an action. This is a noun.
Example: Side effects of a medication, include drowsiness, drooling.

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What makes the colors in fireworks?

What makes the colors in fireworks?

Various chemical compounds are combined to produce the colors in fireworks.

Red –Strontium salts, lithium salts
Orange –Calcium salts
Yellow –Sodium compounds
White — Titanium, magnesium or aluminum barium oxide
Green– Barium compounds + chlorine producer
Blue — Copper compounds + chlorine producer
Purple–Strontium (red) +copper (blue) compounds
Violet–Potassium + Rubidium (violet-red)
Silver–Burning aluminum, titanium, or magnesium powder
Gold–Charcoal, iron, or lampblack

Read more about this at:

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No Self Service Gas in Oregon

No Self Service Gas in Oregon

Strangely  enough, in Oregon and New Jersey it’s not legal for a customer to pump their own gas.

The stated reason is that only trained professionals can handle these Class One Flammable liquids.

Another side reason some people say,  is  all the pump jockey jobs created by this law.

No matter, I don’t want to get out of my car in the rain anyway.

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Full Moon, New Moon, Blue Moon, Black Moon?

Full Moon, New Moon, Blue Moon, Black Moon?

Everyone knows what a full moon and new moon (no moon visible) are.But how about a Blue Moon?

A Blue Moon is 2 full moons within the same month. It happens once or even twice  a year. More  than the  “once in a blue moon” phase (meaning a rarity)  would lead you to believe. Strangely enough there aren’t any this year. Last one was Dec 31, 2009. The next is Aug 31, 2012.

and a Black Moon?

A Black Moon is two new moons in the same calendar month. Consider to be lucky by some. Last was August 30, 2008. The next Black Moon will be on July 30, 2011.

Check out this site for more information on phases of the moon:

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Carmine–mmmm bug juice!

Next time you read the ingredients on a food package and see the ingredient Carmine, relax  it’s a natural (minus the chemical extractors) additive used the produce a red or purple coloring. It’s extracted by boiling scale insect bodies in ammonia,  producing carminic acid. Nothing like a little extra bug juice in your food. Mmmmmm yummy!

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