Shade Grown Coffee

Posted by on August 13, 2011

What is Shade grown coffee?How do you grow coffee in the shade? Wouldn’t you want to grow it in the sun like other crops?Doesn’t seem like a way to get a very good yield if you’re a commercial grower, does it?The difference between shade coffee and coffee grown in the sun:Coffee grown was originally grown in the shade–call it the old fashioned way–yields were small, and only poorer farmers continued to do it. They relied on the natural tree canopies and other plants for natural mulch, the shade for cool, slow growth (best flavor), and the birds in the trees to keep in bugs from infecting their plants.Large coffee corporations clear cut large plantations to grow maximum number and largest of plants quickly in the sun. Commercial fertilizers force fast growth and high yield. Commercial pesticides are used to keep the insect infestation down.Here’s a link to the different pesticides used in commercial coffee farms today: difference between the shade and sun grown couldn’t be more different. It’s almost a completely different product.Do yourself a favor buy shade grown, organic coffee. 

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