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What is a drupe?

What is a drupe? I’m familar with this as a verb not a noun. Droop: What happens to my plants on hot days, or a descriptor, Droopy: How I feel after a long hot walk on a summer day, when the closest parking was 6 blocks away.   Well that’s not what we’re talking about … Continue reading »

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Shade Grown Coffee

What is Shade grown coffee?How do you grow coffee in the shade? Wouldn’t you want to grow it in the sun like other crops?Doesn’t seem like a way to get a very good yield if you’re a commercial grower, does it?The difference between shade coffee and coffee grown in the sun:Coffee grown was originally grown … Continue reading »

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Full Moon -August 13, 2011

Full Moon -August 13, 2011 All full moons are given names by different cultures. This full moon coming up tonight is called the Full Sturgeon Moon . Large fish of the Great Lakes were caught in mass during this month. It’s also been called the Red Moon for the reddish hue it has shining through … Continue reading »

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